Our Missionvucacore

To grow our business by using our passion to create eLearning solutions to enhance the skills level and understanding of the work environment of all employees by implement eLearning solutions.

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Efficiency
  • Expertise
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

Our Vision

To continually evaluate our service offering and successfully manage growth in our business to become a major brand in our field, whilst never losing sight of our core values.

Our Team

We employ a core team of professionals who understand the power of presenting course material in a way that people can maximise the learning experience. The implementation of the VUCA eLearning solution addresses the core curriculum to be transferred to the employee in a way that makes it a great experience and a cost effective medium to reach a large audience.
The importance of implementing eLearning solutions cannot be underestimated if organisations perceive themselves to be a learning organisation. Employees who are not subject to a continuous upliftment program in their work environment may start looking for other opportunities outside the organisation. Outdated training programs and presentation methods need to be changed to incorporate the digital world addressing training needs on the go using mobile and other devices.
VUCA Consulting has the skills to create content in a fast and professional way using powerful integrated authoring tools.
VUCA Consulting is a full-circle eLearning production company with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer professional services at competitive prices and are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. Every step of our production process is monitored in-house to assure the highest quality and quickest turnaround time.

Training Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime