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eLearning & Development in a VUCA world – our methodology

In a world where employees are forced to work in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment (VUCA), most organisation’s face big challenges to retain personnel and increase productivity. Relying solely on technology and organisational processes is not enough; there has to be a clear vision behind learning strategies. VUCA Consulting specialises in working with organisations to analyse how an eLearning culture can be developed and how content can best be created and presented in such a way that help to create value by:

  1. Focusing on self-directed learning, i.e. encouraging employees to develop themselves
  2. Reinforcing a basic knowledge of the corporate world and of management principles
  3. Developing the digital competencies of the workforce
  4. Blending the learning environment with the work environment
  5. Setting up their workforce for success in a VUCA world