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VUCA eLearning is a cloud-based solution and provided as a subscription based solution. The Learning Management System, Content and Administrative components are all cloud-based. No on-site server infrastructure required.

On-premise installation

VUCA eLearning is mainly a cloud-based solution but can be implemented as an on premise solution as well. This normally applies to organisations that have a strict content security policy whereby the eLearning solution must be deployed on the local area network and operates within the organisations authentication access policy. Contact VUCA Consulting for detail software licensing options and hardware infrastructure requirements for the on-site solution.

Server Capacity

Whether an organisation has 1,000 or 10,000 users, everyone will be able to use the VUCA Solution simultaneously without a degradation in service.

Cloud Flexible Scalability

You can start with the basic subscription plan for a small number of users and easily switch to a larger plan for more employees at any time.

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