Why eLearning for the 21st Century Workforcewhyvuca


  • The power of providing learning material on any device anywhere anytime and by utilizing the latest technology and training methods not only offer lower cost and convenience to staff and users but improve efficiency and ensure user adoption.
  • To keep your staff and users as productive as possible, you need to provide a learning platform that works across cloud and on premise assets inclusive of any mobile device
  • Providing your staff and users with access to the training resources they need to get their job done means ensuring they have access to training material wherever they are on any device.
  • The VUCA eLearning solution allow users to learn at their own pace and allow for Manager to view progress and status per user on training status
  • Our fast-changing knowledge-based world has created unprecedented challenges for staff and users. Employers increasingly need workers with a broad range of skills and the VUCA eLearning platform and services can assist in developing and training workers to achieve a highly skilled and trained workforce
  • eLearning transform the teaching and learning experience by utilizing:

– Visual training aids
– Voice over training aids
– Video and animation aids

VUCA Consulting has the skills and the technology to deliver a relevant and effective scalable eLearning solution to improve the learning outcomes of the individual