A successful day in the Mother City

A day spent in Cape Town without visiting a wine farm might seem like an unsuccessful day. However, our day at the University of Stellenbosch’s medical campus was just the opposite.

We are extremely inspired by the way they are embracing eLearning and using iSpring to provide their students with additional content, aid students in preparing the students for class and replacing classroom sessions with online learning and in this way utilising class time for discussions and incorporating other learning methods.

Our purpose for visiting the University of Stellenbosch’s medical campus was to take their already respectable iSpring skills to another level. We presented additional features iSpring has to offer, which they can use in creating great online courses/content for their students. We also demonstrated how to use the iSpring features efficiently to professors and lecturers, to help them create effective and interactive content that wouldn’t take up a great deal of their already valuable time.

In the workshop held, we built interactive content using some of iSpring’s interactive features. There were some great questions about creating SCORM packages and how compatible they would be with the University’s platform, to which we could confidently say it would be 100% compatible. The lecturers and professors were amazed at the type of and professional level of content they created within a mere three-hour workshop. They were very enthusiastic and excited to apply their new skills and knowledge in creating fun, interactive content for their students.

Sharing our iSpring knowledge and skills to inspire great people such as lecturers and professors to embrace eLearning and be major trendsetters in the University community. Now that is what we value as a successful day.


This blog was written by Lizanne Coetzee, Head Instructional Design, VUCA Consulting

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