Partners in eLearning

VUCA Consulting uses the iSpring Suite Authoring tool set to develop eLearning content for various clients. They also make use of the iSpring Learn LMS to host and manage developed courses for distribution to users, employees or students.

As an authorised partner of iSpring, I wanted to share with you as the reader what we as VUCA have to say on our experience as partners with iSpring and users of their products, straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak).


It’s About Adding Value to Our Clients

In a world where you constantly have to be on top of your game, our clients need our services, and they need it yesterday. Fortunately, we can provide them with just what they need.

“The iSpring Suite offers magnificent functionality and the ability for rapid development of eLearning content and offers.”


“The reporting dashboard provides for exceptionally detailed reporting. This allows our clients to see how well their eLearning courses are faring, track users’ progress and even what types of devices are being used to access the courses, amongst other things.”

Karen- Marketing & Brand Ambassador


From a Designer’s Perspective

“I love the fact that iSpring allows for custom content to be created externally and then brought together in one application to be published into courseware. This makes it possible to create unique courseware effortlessly.”

Maruska- Instructional Designer & Illustrator

“Straightforward and user-friendly, the iSpring Suite as a plug-in to PowerPoint makes it easy to add and edit audio, assessments, screen recordings, video, etc. No extensive training needed.

Marnus – Instructional Designer and Animation Specialist

“I have used multiple eLearning tools in the past. iSpring is the best orchestrated, user-friendly eLearning development tool that offers everything and more.”

Heinz- Instructional Designer/ Technical Advisor


A Formidable Alliance

Currently, we are the only iSpring partner that not only sells their iSpring Suite products but also uses their applications to develop custom-built eLearning courses.

“Both the iSpring LMS and the iSpring Suite authoring tool sets are rated under the best in the word and yearly wins prestigious awards from top industry analysts such as Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, eLearning Industry, G2 Crowd, and others.”


“iSpring is very responsive to queries and issues and will send feedback any time of the day within the hour. Their quick response and willingness to help resolve the issue at hand until satisfaction is achieved makes iSpring such an enjoyable partner to have.”

Lizanne- Head Instructional Design

Thanks to iSpring’s exceptional products and quick product support, we can be sure that we deliver quality to our clients.




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