eLearning Courseware that makes sense.

Whether you are looking for something uniquely crafted to suit your needs,
or something a little more generic, we’ve got you covered.

Allow employees and learners to acquire knowledge and skills anywhere, anytime!

Courses follow an interactive approach utilising the latest technology and training methods.

Customized Courses

We work with IP owners, subject experts, learning development specialists and graphic and instructional designers to create and customise content uniquely suited to your eLearning needs.

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Generic Courses

Many of our courses transcend industry borders and can easily be purchased and applied to your eLearning needs.

See samples of some of our existing courses.

Quick and effortless.

Course Documentation

Find more details on what our courses entail

VUCA 10 Soft Skills Short Course
VUCA Conflict Resolution Short Course
VUCA Management & Leadership Fundamentals Course
VUCA Virtual Training Course

eLearning Courses from our Portfolio

Below are just a few snippets of the courseware we've developed and delivered, feel free to have a look.

Management & Leadership Fundamentals
Born to Be Great

Management & Leadership Courseware

Below are just a few snippets of the courseware we've developed specifically for Management & Leadership courses

10 Soft Skills: Introduction
Business Acumen: The Big Picture
Management Responsibility: Introduction
Employee Support: Introduction
Getting Things Done: Introduction
Getting Things Done: Time Management
Conflict Resolution: The 5 Styles of Conflict Resolution

Course Introduction Video

See the introduction video for our BASEL III and BASEL IV Course below

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