Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (also referred to simply as ‘LMS’) offers all the benefits of the Cloud, whilst remaining easy to manage.

Cloud-based Offering

VUCA eLearning is a cloud-based solution. The Learning Management System, Content and Administrative components are all cloud-based. Thus, VUCA acts as course co-ordinator on your behalf by;

  • Granting learners access
  • Tracking learners’ progress
  • Sending you biweekly reports on learner’s status
  • No on-site service infrastructure is required

Contact us today for this subscription-based solution. Our cloud flexible scalability allows you to start the basic subscription plan for a small number of users and easily switch to a larger plan for more employees at any time.

iSpring Toolkit

A powerful toolkit for building eLearning courses quickly and efficiently. Available to purchase from VUCA Consulting, an authorised iSpring Partner

Find some further information around the iSpring products here.

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