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(Level 2 BEE)

What do our customers say?

"My thirty staff members all did the Superstar Customer service course and what a difference it made to their working environment! I will highly recommend this course to anybody in the service industry."​
Marie Walker
The Flycatcher Restaurant - Highland Gate Country Club
"The services provided by Vuca Consulting was of the highest professional standard and their services are recommended to any potential client without any reservations."
Johan van der Walt
Executive Director - Mondial Consultants
"Customer Service is about being warm and friendly and knowledgeable, and that’s exactly what the SuperStar Customer Service eLearning Modules are about. The voice over is a great feature and you have hit just the right note with your speaker."
Andrew Gunn
Education & Training Manager - The PGA of South Africa
"Your 10 Soft Skills course was great and insightful. Thanks! I am looking forward to the courses that will follow."
Hanli Rolfes
Lead Script Writter - Danie Odendaal Productions
Authorised iSpring Partner
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