What does 21st Century eLearning look like?

VUCA Consulting has the skills and the technology to deliver relevant and effective eLearning courseware with
solutions to improve the learning outcomes of the individual.

What are the benefits of eLearning?


Currently proven to be the most effective way of training and sharing knowledge


Up to 70% more cost-effective than standard classroom-based training


Courseware is available 24/7, both online & offline


Appeals to all types of learners


Courseware is interactive and short, ensuring retained attention


Easy to track and report on learners’ progress


Courseware can be re-branded for your company fully supporting white-labeling 


Better suites the millennial workforce and reduces out-of-office time

Why should you even consider eLearning?


eLearning transforms and enhances the teaching and learning experience by utilising, smart graphics and visual training aids, video and animation, voice-over, virtual reality and gamification, quizzes and assessments and student and lecturer collaboration.


Providing learning material on any device, anywhere, anytime, utilizing the latest technology and training methods improves efficiency and user adoption.


Outdated training programs and presentation methods need to be changed to incorporate the digital world, addressing training needs on the go.


Employers increasingly need workers with a broad range of skills. The VUCA eLearning platform and services can assist in developing a highly skilled and trained workforce.


Employers need to maintain employees and user productiveness by providing continuous upliftment and training programs, otherwise employees may be tempted to seek other opportunities outside the organisation.


Reinforcing the required underlying knowledge allows employees and students to be prepared and perform effectively.

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